“The CD includes a lively, engaging piece from each of the composers…Their music comes alive through the skillful, talented soulful playing…As a tribute to both the composers and the musicians, the state of the art MSR recording brings the clear, resonate sounds of the instruments to the ears of the listener as if the works were being performed live. Through their recording, the musicians have created a well-deserved audience for these composers of merit who might otherwise have lapsed into societal neglect and forgetfulness as part of the current day emphasis on living now and disregarding the past.”
Joel C. Thompson, Cherry Grove Music Review [January 2020]

“Six 20th Century Polish Composers contribute well-crafted and often inspired wind music as the talented and disciplined Sonora Winds step forward for the album From Darkness to Light…We are treated to some fine Lutoslawski and five compositions by lesser known but worthy 20th Century Polish voices…Perhaps the Lutoslawski is a tad more Modern than the rest, and it is excellent listening, but throughout there is no drop off in quality. There is in fact a thoughtful articulateness in a highly engaging Neo-Classical mode for the whole of the music. And kudos to the Sonora Winds for a uniformly detailed and expressive sonance from first to last. It should be a boon to all who follow Polish Modernists and wind chamber music. The music has a down-to-earth accessibility that should have general appeal as well. Nicely done! Sonora is a definite phenomena and the repertoire is a most pleasant surprise.”
Gapplegate Review [January 2020]

“Taken as a whole, all the selections are upbeat in their respective rhetorical stances. This is hardly a surprise since, for the most part, chamber music for winds maintains a sunny disposition. In addition there is enough stylistic variety for one to distinguish one unfamiliar composer from another. As a result the album makes for appealing listening.”
Stephen W. Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio [January 2020]


Antoni Szalowski’s Trio Movement 1

Antoni Szalowski’s Trio Movement 2

Anna Walentynowicz’s Movement 3, “Conversation”

Anna Walentynowicz’s Movement 4, “Merry March”